Favorite Holiday Looks For Every Party This Season

Not all holiday parties are created alike, so why would you wear the same outfit?

I go back and forth with my look a lot, because it’s fun to experiment with new styles. Trying new outfits is what makes fashion so fun, especially around the holidays! Below I’ve collected 4 looks to get you through the December/January party season.



New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

There’s no classier way to ring in the new year than in a black jumpsuit and heels. I mean, c’mon people, is this not the cutest look ever?! Frankly, it’s a great look for a lot of occasions. I wore it for my birthday dinner last month and my sister wore it to a wedding this summer. It’s so versatile! If you’re afraid to go with sequins, and want to avoid looking like the ball they drop on  New Year’s Eve, go with a classic like an LBD or black jumpsuit. You’ll still be a major head-turner!



Christmas Cookie Decorating / Horse and Carriage Ride

Some of you gals aren’t into the dresses and skirts, but still want to dress up for the holidays. Sporting a leather jacket or cute beanie and heels is a great way to dress up any look even when it’s cold outside. A bit of sparkle is highly encouraged around Christmas and you can still look chic and ditch that ugly Christmas sweater.



Christmas Eve Service

I rarely feel more chic than when I’m wearing a beret. The elegant feeling of looking cute but covering a bit more skin is a hard combination to master! This midi length skirt and white sweater are a great combination when you want to celebrate the holiday without wearing plaid, green, a reindeer on your chest, Grinch stockings… you get the idea.



Company Holiday Party

Everyone wants to look their best for a company holiday party. All year long your coworkers see you before your morning coffee, and you deserve to show your best side! Take the leap this year and wear something elegant, yet festive, like this adorable a-line skirt that makes me feel like Jackie O. Pair it with a peacoat and earmuffs for an even cuter look!


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