Effortlessly Turn Your Sweater Into A Scarf In Less Than 5 Seconds
sweater: Forever 21 // shirt: Old Navy // boots: Target // earrings: Target
Sweater, shawl, scarf – Whatever you call it, I can’t get enough!
I found this knit at Forever 21 and thought it would go great with a black long sleeve shirt. It is incredibly comfortable and keeps you warm without being too constricting and itchy. 
For the whole “sweater to scarf” idea to actually work, it is best to get a sweater/shawl with large arm holes that make the sweater loose. The extra fabric in the back of the sweater makes it effortlessly turn into a solid loop of fabric that can then be tucked into the other end like in the images above.
There is a quick video on my Instagram (theclosetdime) of me swapping from sweater to scarf if you guys want to see the transition!