Designer Rain Boots Under $30

I don’t often buy designer items. For one thing, I’m broke as a joke. For another, I actually LIKE buying look-alike things at an affordable cost! It somehow feels like an accomplishment that my mom would be proud of. I’m definitely that awkward person thats tells the price of something when I am being given a compliment.

Nice Stranger: I love your boots!

My Awkward Self: Oh, umm, thanks, they were on sale!

Maybe that’s why I like blogging and sharing fashion so much. It’s an accomplishment to save a few pennies and share that with others. But if I can spot designer rain boots on sale, and still find them in stock, you can bet I’m going to share them with y’a’ll!


Snagging The Sale

The best part about these boots that I bought all of them within the last 10 days. Yep, everything is still in stock! I hate it when I want something and it turns out it was from last season. I realize I do this to you guys fairly often so I figured I’d jump on this post and share away while the gettin’ is good!

High? Low? Solid? Plaid? You can find both types of designer rain boots below under $30! 

P.S. Be sure to click the links to see other colors and sizes.



Ralph Lauren

Rossalyn Rain Boot $20 — Okay, online it says that the Rossalyn boots are $30. IF, however,  you use the code online, or give your email in store right now, they’ll give you ANOTHER $10 coupon! Yep, that’s right. I bought these boots less than a week ago for $21.64!  (I. Almost. Fainted.)

Color: Navy/Green/Red

Okay, here’s the plan. These boots can pretty much work with any fall color in my closet. They weigh less than traditional boots so traveling with them is easy peasy, and I love how they are super simple to clean!

The boots run a tad narrow (but I have wide feet). Other than that, they’re incredibly comfortable and run true to size!



Sam Edelman

Tinsley Rain Boot $30 — Not all colors are the same price, but I got the exact color and size I needed (that never happens) less than a week ago on

Color: Moss Green Matte

I already have my eye on the Dove Grey ones and I seriously can’t stop adding them to my Amazon cart! These shoes are in every store right now, so if you find them cheaper, jump on them. Target carried them last season but they weren’t any cheaper and I can’t find them in stock right now. Don’t fret about the name on the boot. Just wear what’s in your budget! I have always been a fan of Sam Edelman, but I rarely jump for joy at the price. These ones are definitely a keeper!

Just like the Ralph Lauren boots, are a tad narrow but run true to size.

Have you snagged any sale pieces lately? Share them with me so I can obliterate my paycheck!  🙂