Dainty Hooligan Denim

Why didn’t anyone tell me that bell-bottoms were back?!

It’s Boutique Week Day 2 and we’re talking all about the importance of quality denim.

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Denim: here // Similar Francesca’s tank: here

I only need a few things in my life to be content. A really funny boyfriend, an amazing blueberry donut and one pair of jeans that fits me like a glove.

It just so happens that the gift of shopping for magical jeans was given to my little sister, not me. She seems to find the best fitting jeans even when I try on 50 pairs at the mall. She’s practically my fairy denim godmother. 😉

Her best advice? Quality. Over. Quantity

It’s All In The Fabric

We have found that buying a few pairs of quality denim make up for the mountains of jeans that we never wear because the fit is less than ideal. I need denim that hugs my body, but doesn’t suffocate my thighs. Furthermore, I want the denim to be able to last several years, not completely fall apart in the washer (distressed denim tends to do that). It really is all in the fabric.

My all-time favorite pair of bell-bottoms is from Dainty Hooligan, an up and coming boutique that has made major moves in the online shopping world! They focus on the best overall pieces and have quickly become integral in creating my capsule wardrobe.

Have a favorite capsule piece that you couldn’t live without? Comment below and let me know! I may just have to add it to my own collection. 🙂