Contents of a Carryon

I’m on the road again, but I doubt anyone is really surprised at this point. I can’t stay one place for too long, and I have been traveling all of my life (thanks, mom and pop). For any normal person, packing for a trip is easy. Since I have a mountain of things I “need” to bring, it can be difficult to try and make everything fit into what the airlines say is 50 lbs. I also fear for my life when I have to check a bag so I stick to a carryon if I can absolutely help it.

This is what I like to pack:



DSCN0919Curling Iron: Hot Tools // Straightener: CHI // Thickening Powder: Big Sexy Hair / “Love” Zipper Pouch: Kenneth Cole

Make up


BB Cream: Aveeno // Eyeliner: Too Faced // Tinted Chapstick: ‘Baby Lips’ by Maybelline // Make Up Bag: ‘May 2015’ Glam Bag by Ipsy



Bronzer: Victoria Secret // Perfume: ‘Daisy’ by Marc Jacobs // Mascara: ‘ck’ by Calvin Klein

What! No eyeshadow? No blush? That’s right! For my carryon, I pack ONLY the essentials. Now, I realize that everyone will have different essentials, and you might choose lipliner over eyeliner, but the point is to bring only what will brighten your face and make you look more alert. As nice as it would be to have my own plane like a Kardashian, Southwest has a weight limit on my travel closet! Smh…

Believe it or not, I still have a little bit of room in my carryon for the other essentials like snacks and coffee. Yes, those are just as important!

Make sure to follow along on my Instagram this weekend because I will be with all five of my siblings and it’s sure to be a wonderful mess of a time!