Black & White & Read All Over
beanie: Cotton On // scarf: Cotton On // frames: Coach // boots: Target
As my first official day of freedom started, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. There were a couple things that I needed to catch up on (like dishes and laundry) but I decided that there was something more important. I wish I was more of a reader but it has never been a big interest of mine. There are, however, a few books that I have been wanting to read and just haven’t found the time to crack open. 
My brother got me this canvas bag from Skylight Books and while I mainly use it for library snacks, I actually put a book in it for the first time! I think reading and writing go hand in hand and I should probably read more than “hair dye horror stories” if I ever want to sharpen my writing skills. 
Curious about my reading habits? Here are a few books on my shelf that I am about to read! (Don’t expect Tolstoy any time soon.)
2. Designing Brand Identity – Alina Wheeler
3. Here Is New York – E.B. White
If there are any books that you think I simply must read, let me know! I may get to them in the next decade or two. 🙂