Black + White + Mismatched Earrings
button up: Target // leggings: Forever 21 // necklace: // Forever 21
If I could wear black every single day, I would.
I’m serious! These pictures were actually taken a week or so ago, but since then, I watched an Audrey Hepburn film and threw out everything in my closet that wasn’t black or white. Just kidding. I will never, not matter how many times I get mocked, get rid of my bright red tee ball shirt. Am I getting off topic?
Anyway, when I saw this checkered shirt, I immediately thought of a western outfit. Why did I do that? That has been done before and the colors are simple and could be paired with practically anything! After getting a little inspiration, I decided to play up the shirt with leather leggings and some bold silver jewelry. 
Hilarious disclaimer a blogger should never admit to? I’m wearing two different earrings! I was waiting for my sister to get home to hear her opinion and I completely forgot about it once we starting shooting. Story. Of. My. Life.