Bishop Arts

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Blogger Rule: When you find a purple door, and your hair is on point, you must take blog photos no questions asked.

If there’s one thing I love in this world, it’s waking up to brunch plans. Even when it’s as simple as eggs and coffee, I look forward to breakfast food practically every day. I don’t always look fancy shmancy when I eat breakfast, but it’s another opportunity for blog pictures and some exploring. This was obviously taken before the waffle/pancake combo breakfast that I had in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas, TX.

Me + Carbs = No Regrets. 🙂

I’ve started to really appreciate a good sneaker/dress duo and these classic Chuck Taylor’s really polished off the striped mini dress. I don’t usually carry a bucket bag like the one shown above, but it perfectly fits and protects my camera while allowing a little extra room for my keys, phone and wallet.

If you’ve ever been to the Bishop Arts district, you understand my goal of cutesy and trendy clothes with the “not trying too hard” vibe. I had a massive brunch belly by the end of it all, but we bloggers must suffer for our passions!

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