All About Ombre!
Hi Gang!
So I ombréd my hair a couple months ago but didn’t leave the dye in for very long because I got nervous!
I really regretted not keeping it in for longer so I decided to try again.
Being the poor college student that I am, I box-dyed it instead of going to the salon (honestly if I can dye hair my own, ANYONE can). 
The only brand that I have found that is specifically designed for ombré is L’Oreal Paris’ Féria  (I used dye number 060 a couple months ago, and 070 this time, because my hair is a little bit lighter in the summer).  
There are probably several ways to ombré hair but the simplest way I could think of was to braid it. 
·      Part hair down the middle
·      Loosely braid each section, stopping just above where you want to dye (I like braids because it kind of breaks up the levels so you get more of a subtle change as you go down instead of a straight line of dye!)
·      Because my hair is so thin, I used baby elastics but double up on each braid so they don’t break half way through (THAT was annoying to fix with gloves on and dye all over the place)
·      Start from the ends of your hair so the dye on there the longest and work your way up to your specific desired stopping point.  (make sure not to get dye on the elastics so you don’t gets rings of dye around your hair)
·      Once you get closer to your make sure you really get inside the parts of hair that are covered because they will remain dry if you don’t really rub it in
·      If need be, comb the dye through with a comb to make sure you cover the entire area (I wasn’t a fan of the “comb” that came in the kit so I used my own)
·      Read the directions on the box but basically you’re good to go!
***Send me pics when you’re done so I know how amazing you look now!!***