IMG_5455 IMG_5468 IMG_5471 IMG_5490 IMG_5494 IMG_5503 IMG_5510 IMG_5515I know I’m not supposed to direct you to another site when you just landed on mine, but if you don’t already listen to singer/songwriter, Adele, you need to go hear her new jam, “Hello.”

It’s bluesy, and sad and it is of course raining in the music video. Even though it technically takes place in the woods somewhere, Adele’s music always makes me think of London, and trench coats and how frizzy my hair would look if I had to take photos there. I did my best to avoid the frizz, but I got in the London mood for everything else!

This awesome trench coat is from Charlotte Russe, and everyone has been loving it so I thought I’d dress it up for a change with this simple little black dress. It’s a bit unrealistic for most days around town, but I would easily wear this dress for a black tie event with a cute little up-do.

Keep an eye out for more trench coat appearances this Fall as it gets cooler outside!