Add a Layer, Shed a Layer: How to Dress for Winter in Florida
We’ve all seen the Florida-girl faux pas of wearing Ugg boots with cut off jeans. This seems to be a right of passage for young girls who want to show off their tan legs while desperately trying to stay warm during the “cold fronts” that occur in Florida. The real question is, can we really blame these girls for trying (and failing) to properly dress for the colder weather? 
When it is cold in New York, it is cold the entire day. It is easy to dress for the frozen tundra when you know it’s not going to change. The only problem is, what do you do when it’s 38° in the morning, and 75° in the afternoon? It’s imperative to dress properly when it is cold outside, but nobody wants to be wearing three layers when the afternoon sun is beating down on the coffee that you now ask for over ice. 
To answer some of these questions, I’ve put together an outfit that can withstand constant layering, and can easily be reversed by removing layers when warm. 

1. Start with the basics:

Begin with a lightweight sweater and comfortable jeans.
Are you cold yet?

2. Boots:

Regardless of how many layers you add or shed, your feet will stay warm the entire day.

3. Scarf:

A scarf is a great addition because depending on the weight, it can be more decorative rather than temperature regulating. I wrapped this material to look similar to an infinity scarf.

4. ANYTHING to cover your ears:

This might be where I lose a few of you considering that it isn’t typically cold enough for hats or earmuffs. 
I probably should have at least told you to put a jacket on first but this fur band is the best part!

5. Jacket/Coat:

I love this military jacket because the pockets are large enough to store a pair of gloves or a hat.
 and voilà!
I enjoyed writing this post, but the best part of all was when I made my photographer hold all the layers until I was ready!
She. Is. A. Rockstar.