A Vested Interest
vest: Papaya // jeans: American Eagle // wedges: Traffic // earrings: Forever 21
I never thought of myself as a “vest person” until I realized I had four of them in my closet. I guess if I have to succumb to a label, I don’t mind being “the dime in the vest”. The matching wedges were a fluke and I just happened to find them on sale at Traffic right before the photo shoot. (Lucky me!) 
I think the reason why I like vests so much (and why I subconsciously keep buying them) is that they can be layered with almost anything. Even though it is officially the fall season, it will never get very cold where I live. Should I sit home and pout about it? Never! These photos were taken about a week ago, but any more recent and I would have paired the vest with a quarter or long sleeve blouse. 
Does it get colder than 60 degrees where you live? Pair the vest with another jacket or thicker sweater. The possibilities are endless.