‘A’ Is For Autumn
sweater: Loft // cape: H&M; // fedora: Nordstrom
Ok, I probably shouldn’t start the post off by making fun of what I’m wearing but I have to tell you guys what happened! I’ll try not to lose you.
In any given photo shoot, there are about 3 photos that I truly like and about 99 where I am either blinking, talking or just looking absolutely ridiculous. I decided to show one of the most embarrassing photos to my friend because I thought he would think it was funny. Instead of making a joke about my wrinkly forehead or wide open mouth, all he said was “why are you wearing a brown bag?” I couldn’t believe it! I worked extra hard on this post and this person, whose opinion I happen to care about, thought I was wearing a brown bag! After picking my jaw up from the ground, and laughing about it with my sister for a good 20 minutes, I decided he was (sort of) correct. I also decided that if the Olsen twins can do it, so can I. So this, ladies and germs, is me wearing the most comfortable brown bag in the entire world. 
I hope at least a few of you can appreciate the style 🙂