Road Trip

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This weekend my youngest sister and I took a road trip to Kansas. We were meeting the rest of our siblings for a big birthday surprise for one of my sisters, and it was one of the greatest weekends I’ve ever had. Being the foodies that we are, the majority of our trips together center around good food and a lot of laughter. I realized just how bad my food problem was when I was Facetiming my parents later and mentioned everything I ate in response to the question “how was the sibling weekend?” Brothers and sisters are alright, but world famous BBQ and stuffed french toast? Who wouldn’t want to talk about that!

Being with my siblings truly was the highlight, but I still had to get there first! I focused on being as put together as possible while still sticking to comfortable clothing. Like every other road trip I’ve ever taken, I wore stretchy pants (my go-to Hot Chilly’s) and a cotton tank as my base layers. I kept several light layers and made sure to have plenty of room in my big (reversible) Street Level purse for snacks and toys because yes, I need to be entertained in the car.

Because I can get repetitive, and I will already say it too much when I become a mother, I’ll skip the whole “you can dress it up, or down” speech. I will however, say this: Scarves are your friend. Anything light-weight and easy to stuff in a bag is an excellent addition to any outfit or trip, so make sure to keep that in mind when you’re packing! Don’t do what I did and pack three types of cookies and no dress shoes. Luckily, my sister had one million pairs for me to borrow. 🙂

If you’ve been traveling a lot lately, share what you bring! I’ve got just enough time to do laundry before I road trip to Texas so I could use some inspiration.