Coat Weather

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Well, I’m officially back from sunny Florida and I’m headed up north again this weekend!

Okay, Kansas isn’t that far north, but it’s definitely still coat weather in the Midwest and it’s nothing compared to the bikini weather I was experiencing in Miami (take me back -oh please, oh please).

For me, coat weather usually means two things: fuzzy sweaters and over-the-knee boots. They’re probably staples in any Midwestern girls closet, but what about when it’s chilly outside but not actually freezing? Even thought my coat is sleeveless, it still serves its purpose, and keeps me warm when the wind is going absolutely crazy. Still on a vacation high, I wasn’t quite ready to deal with the Midwest winds. I slipped on some pearls and over-sized sunglasses and wore a pony tail that probably said: You should try harder.

We all have our special talents and mine is definitely getting ready in a flash. Sure, I can take a ridiculous two-and-a-half hours if you let me, but when you give me only thirty minutes to get ready, I’ll snag a few layers and be out the door before the zip of the second boot. That’s actually the beauty of coat weather. You can add more knits, fudge on a full-on hairstyle and cover up the rest with sunglasses!

Don’t try this at home, kids. 🙂


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