7 Transition Pieces for Fall

Ahhhhhhh Fall. Is it just me or does our Fall wardrobe collect a stronger mothball smell than our Summer clothes?

For me, Fall brings all things magical. It brings pumpkins, my birthday, and my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving. It’s a time where the leaves fall and the changing of seasons makes you feel like you too are changing right along with the wind.

Too sappy?

Anyway, on top of drooling in every aisle of Home Goods, and stock piling cinnamon candles, I’m also ditching my cutoffs and pulling out my old photos as inspiration! Not only is it a great way to say “oh yea, I forgot I had that adorable pair of boots” but it’s also a way for me to laugh at myself and see just how far I’ve come with the blog. Can you believe how much my hair has changed over the years?! Not going to lie, I sometimes miss my dark brown extensions.

If you’re stuck in a warm climate and not sure where to start your Fall look, read below and make sure you have your 7 transition pieces for Fall ready at your fingertips!


Big Hats

I could write a post exclusively on hats. Wait a minute, I’ve already done that!

But seriously, my love for hats is always growing, so I try to wear them as soon as there’s a chill in the air. It masks a multitude of bad hair days and adds a fun accessory to any look! Another hat post with several good links is also on the blog!


Army Vests

Not too hot, not too cold. This layer almost becomes useless as it gets colder, but for now, it’s perfect! Dark green is a great fall color and pairs with almost anything else you throw at it. Even bright colors! I love it with every hair style I’ve had, and I’m always excited for something that gives me extra pockets. Need more inspiration? Type “vest” in the search bar on my home page or simply click here to see the dozens of ways I’ve styled my vests!


Minimal Scarves

Us fashionistas aren’t fooling anyone with our want to wear scarves, are we? No? Darn it. Regardless of the heat, a thin fabric scarf is fun to wear with long sleeves. It’s a nice way to get into the seasonal spirit without putting forth any actual effort. I love this scarf and have seen tons of inexpensive Burberry Cashmere look-a-likes on Amazon!


Ankle Booties

Since I have ABSOLUTELY no self control, I just bought two more pairs of boots this week. One of them being the most adorable pair of Sam Edelman rain boots that I can convert into almost any look for Fall. (Look for them in an upcoming post.) I love when the leaves change and I can wear boots again because they take up half of my closet and it’s such a waste in Summer! I never feel like I need an accessory when I’m wearing an ankle bootie. It’s a built-in piece of style.


Big Totes

During hot summer months, no one wants to lug around a big purse. Now that it’s getting cooler, I automatically have more stuff to carry! I somehow have a coffee in my hand constantly, and I need a place to store my Fall layers. Scarves, sweaters, a good book, 5 types of chapstick, it’s all in there!


Light Sweaters

Let’s face it. Some days are still hot as blazes in early Fall! I need a little something for my shoulders without getting overheated when I head to dinner. The best part is that you can now toss it in your big tote bag since they’re officially acceptable for Fall!


Trench Coats

There’s just something about Fall that makes me pull my trench coat out of storage. I don’t know why, but I never seem to wear it during the April showers. I’d much rather wear it with a light sweater and a pair of boots! Notice how DIFFERENT my hair is in this photo! I can’t believe how much the blog as allowed me to catalogue my life over the last five years.


This is in NO way an extensive list. I could have added dozens of other items (like denim jackets, tights, berets, stirrup pants, etc.) to the list. This is just a way to get you in your closet and find items you forgot about.

Get to closet shopping!