5 Ways to Style a Panama Hat

My love for hats is not news to all of my fabulous readers. When I’m wearing too many accessories as is, I still feel the need to try on a hat or two. It makes me feel complete somehow, as if I just tied a giant bow on top of a present. Since it’s easily my favorite summer trend, I’ve decided to layout 5 ways to style a panama hat. I could probably think of several other tips and tricks, but these 5 styles are broad enough to at least spark some inspiration.

Chambray Top + Skinny Jeans

Adding a hat to an outfit, especially while wearing heels, can add major height to a look. Not everyone likes this feature, but I personally love it. I’m 5’7″ and I like to have a little bit of height to elongate my look and make my legs look more slimming. It also helps with my posture since I tend to slouch a lot and the hat helps me keep keep my chin up! 🙂


Off the Shoulder Top + Pattern Shorts

I will always love the way a simple band around a hat can tie together an outfit without people even realizing it. It’s like the cover of a Chuck Palahniuk book where you can finally see both the princess and the clown.  The black trim on the hat works perfectly with off-the-shoulder pieces, especially dark fabrics. It’s also an excellent summer option when you’re dying to wear palm tree shorts and light pastels. View full outfit post here.


Cotton Tee + Maxi Skirt

Similar to the idea of the longer chambray shirt, when you cut off a piece of your midsection, you need to elongate another portion of your body. I love this maxi skirt because it adds a pop of color to the look and lengthens my entire body. When I style a panama hat I ask myself, what does this accomplish?

The hourglass shape of the hips, shoulders and hat give your waist a smaller look and who doesn’t want that?! #FeelingAccomplished


LBD + Sandals

I have worn this look time and time again. It’s the ultimate “out the door in 5 minutes” look and I still feel completely put together. Any summer LBD goes well with a few messy curls and a fun hat that blocks the sun. Especially during the summer heat, it’s one of the ultimate ways to style a panama hat.


Maxi Dress + Statement Jewelry

I am fully aware that this is one of the more bold looks for some people, but it’s right on trend in every way! The patterns and materials scream Beach Weekend and I’m all about wearing anything that makes me feel like I’m on island time. Shop the complete watch collection here or jump right to my favorite Koa & Ash style here.


Hats can a tricky business. They either completely tie together an outfit, or make you stand out in an unwanted way. Above I provided 5 ways to style a panama hat, but there are several more! Have some hatspiration you think I need to see? Send me the links in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out!