The 5 Minute Dress

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I don’t get to dress up as often as I’d like. Between my endless supply of yoga pants and my relaxed occupation, there aren’t many opportunities to wear a dress like this. It’s one of my favorite “girly girl” dresses and still makes me feel feminine without trying too hard.

I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready before these photos were taken, so I had to be quick about choosing an outfit. I settled on this blue floral maxi, because It’s the ultimate 5 minute dress.

I’ve devised a three-step plan for when I only have 5 minutes to pick out an outfit, and it comes in handy whenever I’m running late (so basically every single day).

Clothing. Shoes. Bag.

  1. The article must be one piece (dress, jumpsuit, romper, overalls, etc.) – Any more than that and you will deal with the mix/match struggle.
  2. Add shoes that show off the dress – The shoes are not the most important part, but they should accentuate the one piece of clothing you’re wearing.
  3. Tie it together with a bag or clutch – It may seem simple, but it’s the one time you get a change to wear a unique bag without it overpowering the outfit.

Keep up to date with the rest of these photos in my Instagram and see the few instances when I’m not in sweatpants!!  😉