4 Ways to Style a Ruffled OTS Top

Off The Shoulder Woven Floral Top – Target

There are several pieces in my closet that can be versatile. I always aim to buy items that are worth the price and are timeless enough to be worn over and over again. While this typically means I buy several black cardigans or plain white tee’s, I made an exception for this blouse. A bit bolder than my usual looks, I found 4 ways to style this floral OTS top and knew with a little ingenuity, I’d be able to wear it more than once.

One Shoulder

I feel bad that the one-shoulder trend was so short lived. Growing up in the 90’s, with older sisters who had very different style evolutions, I was lucky enough to see several trends. I took full advantage of their hand-me-downs and wore one-shoulder tops all the time in school! Public school dress codes were the best. 😉

While it’s not the most popular trend out there, I love the way I feel when showing just a little bit of shoulder. I don’t feel as exposed as I would in a strapless shirt, but it’s helps tame some of the ruffles that would otherwise be too close to my neckline.


This was my least favorite option but I still wanted to show the versatility of the top. Strapless shirts and dresses don’t look as delicate on my muscular shoulders, and I have never really loved the look on myself. It’s nice to have the option, but I’d probably stray away most of the time. As with the one-shoulder option, however, keeping it strapless helps cut down on the “poofy” and ruffled look, and doesn’t add excess weight to my frame.

Full Sleeves

While this look is actually more flattering than I was expecting, it’s also not a look I’d try over and over. When the ruffles were brought near my neckline, it’s slimmed the blouse around my torso, but was also very distracting near my face. It’s a great top for ladies who love a bold floral trend, but I needed to see more separation in the neckline.

Off The Shoulder

The “off-the-shoulder” look happens to be the trend right now, although lately it seems to be overdone. My one frustration with an otherwise cute look is that the OTS style seemed to make me look heavier than I really am. You’ll even notice the model wearing the blouse tucked the front in to give the appearance of less fabric. Never the less, it’s a fun way to style something that could use some shoulder to break up the busy floral pattern.


I can’t complain about the little idiosyncrasies of a blouse like this. It’s got a lot going on, but the flexibility of it makes for a great wear. After all, I could still be wearing sweater and booties like my friends in NYC! I’m lucky to have some sunshine and off-the-shoulder action.


P.S. My next post should be really fun! I have a friend coming into town and we’ll be drinking coffee and taking photos for several days straight. Stay tuned!