3 Essentials to Beat Florida Humidity


I moved to Florida at the age of 14. After living there for almost 10 years, I finally learned a thing or two about the humidity. Now that I split my time between Oklahoma and Florida, it’s crazy to see how different my beauty routine is for each state! Not only is the climate completely different, but how my body reacts to the climate is also ever-changing. Below you’ll find my 3 favorite essentials to beat Florida humidity.

I have to be very deliberate with the products that I bring on each trip. For the wedding last weekend, it was even more important that I pack the humidity-blocking essentials!


Mermaid Perfume No 1

No woman should have just one perfume. Even though I stick to my two or three favorites, I always bring my mermaid perfume on Florida trips. It’s the perfect summer scent for a beach weekend. The scent is light enough that it doesn’t come off too strong if it catches a breeze, and it is under 3 oz. meaning I can take it on the airlines! I never feel sticky when I’m wearing it, and it doesn’t change scents with the Florida humidity, like some perfumes tend to do.

The website says it smells like “orange blossom flowers” but I would best compare it to a honeysuckle scent. We used to pick honeysuckle plants off of the bushes growing up, and this perfume brings back so many memories. One spritz goes a long way but I typically use two.  😉

Other words I would use to describe it: one-note, lilies, light

P.S. They also have other products in their shop but I haven’t tried them yet, so I cannot vouch for them.


Rose Gold Hair Clips

I used to have smooth brunette hair. Now that I have started bleaching it, the Florida humidity picks up every little dry piece of hair and turns my blonde mane into a frizz-ball of disappointment. Because of this, I am very careful with how I blow dry my hair. After watching my stylist use these clips to dry my hair in sections, I decided to give it a try.

How it works: (1) I section my hair into four parts, use the top three layers with clips, and leave the bottom section down to blow dry. (2) Going from bottom layer to top layer, dry each section. (3) Finish off entire head with a quick dry blast.

Pro Tip: I try to use some sort of smoothing serum on the bottom third of my hair to ward off any frizz.


Nudwear Daisies

For me, wedding weekends are full of cocktail dresses and bridesmaid duties. This means that I’m supposed to be worrying about the bride and her needs, not my own. The last thing I want to be fussing with is a bra that is not only uncomfortable, but can be seen in my backless dress.

These Nudwear pasties are seriously magical and don’t ever budge even when you’re standing through a humid wedding ceremony right on the ocean! They come in two neutral colors so you can wear them under a sheer blouse, or you can put them on under your bra/swim suit for a little extra nipple coverage. I have tried them both ways and have never been disappointed. They are the girl-on-the-go essential.

Want to see more photos of them before you buy? Check out their Amazon page. This is actually where I ordered them, because I love Amazon Prime. (They are buy two, get one free until 07/31 on their website!)


I could have written this post all day long because let’s face it, I take more than three products with me on a trip. If you have any specific beauty/lifestyle products that you’re curious about, comment below and I’ll respond!