3 Easy Ways To Style A Baseball Cap

All those in favor of covering up those dirty roots say I!


Whether you’re trying to extend your dry shampoo days, or just head to a ball game, baseball caps are the perfect summer accessory. I was inspired when my sister accidentally left it with me after a visit so I decided to teach y’all how I style a baseball cap. I figured why not get a free blog post out of it before returning it. 😉

Below you’ll find three awesome ways to style a baseball cap for summer. The good news is, it doesn’t even have to be your hat!

Hair DownDSC_2459

This is the easiest look to achieve. After a long weekend of curling my hair, the ends look good long after my roots have fallen flat. I use a hat to avoid having to redo my hair, and the 3/4 of it that looks clean, is still visible out of the hat.

Side BraidDSC_2467

Adding a side braid to the ball cap style is a feminine touch that will bring out the highlights in your hair. It’s also the type of style you can wear all day without having to retouch it.

Bonus: Gently spread out the side of each loop in the braid. It’ll add more volume to the look and give you a fuller braid.

Mid PonytailDSC_2486

I always put my hair in a ponytail and then feel like a little boy. To avoid that, I curl the front pieces of my hair and keep them out of the ponytail. It adds a little fringe to the front of the hairstyle and frames my face so I don’t feel like my face is naked.

American Needle Baseball Cap: Nordstrom

Hair necessities: dry shampoo or thickening spray, clear hair elastics, mini bobby pins, curling wand, thin comb to tease/back comb

Extras: plain white tee (the perfect summer staple) and pearls (to add a a feminine touch)