25 Fall Pieces to Wear Right Now

While it doesn’t quite feel like fall in Texas, I’m determined to break out my vests and boots. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but sweating through the next month or two for the sake of fashion seems worth it to me. I’ve compiled¬†25 Fall pieces to wear right now, and the complete list is below!

1. Over-the-Knee Boots

2. Burberry Plaid Scarf

3. Fall Fedora

4. Patterned Poncho

5. Green Military Vest

6. Ankle Booties

7. Comfortable Converse

8. Denim Jacket

9. Chunky Sweater

10. Chambray Shirt

11. Pleather Leggings

12. Flannel Shirt

13. Classic Watch

14. Maroon Lipstick

15. Infinity Scarf

16. Baseball Cap

17. Sleeveless Jacket

18. Trench Coat

19. 3/4 Cardigan

20. Green Military Jacket

21. Leather Jacket

22. Bucket Bag

23. Mirrored Sunglasses

24. Signature Denim

25. Winter Coat


There are more go-to’s out there, but this list will help you feel ready for fall in no time! Have trouble finding outfit inspiration while you’re trying to get out the door?¬† Pin these pics and make sure you always have 25 fall pieces to wear at your disposal!