2016 – The New Year


I’ve been thinking about this a lot the last few weeks and I’ve decided that 2016 will be the year of experiments for me. Everyone is talking about New Years resolutions and making changes, and I’ve decided to (in a sense) do whatever I want this year. It sounds a little dramatic when I put it in writing, but I’ve noticed that it might be the perfect time to try something new! The new year will bring challenges, but I’m ready for whatever 2016 brings my way.


You guys have been so supportive of this blog and looking back, I’ve just barely scratched the surface on a few dreams of mine. As I have been prepping for the new year, I’ve been able to look back on all of the craziness in the last 365 days. This past year I had a huge TCD rebranding, used a legit photographer (thanks, Jess) and launched a YouTube channel which you all received with open arms! Since it’s been such a supportive year by all, I think it’s time that I take this momentum and run with it.


This year, be prepared to see more of EVERYTHING. More content, imagery, videos, laughter, frustration and everything in between.

Don’t believe I’m excited? Just check out my most recent Instagram photo! My sister and I started the year with a cross-country road trip that we hope to share with you soon.

I love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!